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The UEKF was formed in 2000 and teaches karate true to its Okinawan / Japanese roots but developed specifically to cater for the needs of our preponderance of youth members, whilst fulfilling the needs of a strong and active adult membership. The motto is Bodaishin, meaning the Awakening Mind. The Japanese characters are shown to the right and embroidered on our gis. The image is that of a banyan leaf, symbolising the youth of our membership. The UEKF is a member of EKGB, the English Karate Governing Body.

The syllabus has been developed from the ground up, and although will be familiar in style to anyone who practices traditional karate, has been designed to fit students' natural learning patterns and psychology. An instructor training programme has been devised in parallel with the syllabus, with the result that we are confident that our federation is at the forefront of modern karate teaching.

UEKF Chief Instructor Richard Bolton is a 5th dan black belt and an acredited national kata and kumite referee.

The UEKF teaches at Ursuline High School Sports Centre Karate Club and at schools in the London area.

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We can be contacted by telephone at 020 8672 1808

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